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Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage

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Oswald von Wolkenstein and his castles
The South Tyrolean aristocrat Oswald von Wolkenstein is the most significant minnesinger towards the end of the middle ages. Born around 1377 in South Tyrol and grown up in the Castle Trostburg, at the age of 10 years he left his homeland and travelled through the entire Europe and the Orient. During 70 years of his life he composed notable 130 songs.

Out of his minstrel songs his lover Sabine Jäger became famous, the lady who he knew and learned to love in the Castle Hauenstein of Siusi. After the homecoming from the pilgrimage in the Holy Land the crusader found the Castle Trostburg mourning for the father’s death and the nuptial chamber occupied: Sabine had married a trader named Jäger. In the pain of Sabine’s hurt, Oswald demanded a trial for the Wolkensteiner owner rights of the Castle Hauenstein. Sabine ambushed her former lover and took Oswald for years in captivity in the Castle Hauenstein. His immortal works, dominated by endless sadness and gloomy longing, originated from this time.

After Sabine’s death Oswald married Margaretha von Schwangau, who gave birth to two sons inspiring his husband to superb love songs. After a turbulently life, Oswald von Wolkenstein died at the age of 78 years in Merano and was buried in the Convent Novacella near Bressanone.
Churches, museums and ancient customs
The freestanding bell tower at the village square is the most powerful landmark of Castelrotto. Near to the seven chapels on the Calvary Hill in Castelrotto, the small churches of the surrounding areas, as well as the several wayside crosses facing the hikers during their walk are worth seeing.

The winter farmer wedding with horse-drawn sleighs and the colorful traditional costume parade during the big summer festival, show the authentic ancient customs of Castelrotto. The contemporary witness of the past in the farmer museum of St. Oswald tells furthermore about the work-filled, hard and arduous life of the farmers.

The School Museum in Tagusa offers to its visitors a unique collection of furnishing and lessons objects collected for many years.

In Bolzano the Ötzi Museum presents the 5300 years old man from the ice and tells you the 15.000 years old alpine history.

Near to several museums in South Tyrol a large range of interesting expositions are offered. In this wise the Castle Trostburg offers all around the year a Castle Museum with a model collection of the most famous castles and fortresses of the country.
Witches and legends
The Alpe di Siusi and the surrounding villages are inhabited by many mythological and legendary creatures. Countless good-natured but also malicious beings rattle around. Some of these are the herb woman, who does magic dawn on sick persons’ cheeks, the blessed old women, who were turned into flowers by the King Laurin, and of course dwarfs, giants and “wild folk”. The predominant ones are certainly the witches, who are up to mischief all around and on the Sciliar, the witch mountain par excellence, causing all kinds of damage in the country.

A flowering circle of legends, prehistoric myths and narratives of fights against devils’ and witches’ magic on our wide alpine landscape and powerful mountains lives still in the present day’s tales:

Petrified haystacks: Once a farmer worked with the haystacks on the Alpe di Siusi in despite of work prohibition on holidays. People warned him for his sinful hustle on a festive day. But he was delighted about the done work and went home. However, the next day he found his beautiful haystacks transformed in stones, nowadays still visible in our Fallerwiese on the Alpe di Siusi.
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