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Via Kleinmichl 33
I-39040 Castelrotto South Tyrol
Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage

Tel: +39 0471 706 639
Fax: +39 0471 707 285

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Massages and baths in the Hotel Castel Oswald von Wolkenstein.
Immerging into the world of senses

CLASSIC MASSAGE with biologic nature oil
This massage is one of the oldest treatment methods based on the principle of oneness of body, soul and spirit. The deep relaxation enables your body to regenerate naturally, to dissolve physical blocks, and supply with blood the organs and muscles, to strengthen the circulation and the immune system and to feed the cells with more life energy.
all body massage
app. 50 min.
55,00 €
individual partial massage (face – neck – back – legs)
app. 25 min.
35,00 €

SPECIAL MASSAGE with herbs of the Dolomites alpine_healthcare©massage
Mountain arnica & St. John’s wort © - regeneration & active
Mountain arnica & St. John’s wort regenerate and stimulate the body and the senses and calm the nerves.
This alpine massage is a balsam for the soul and donates a new fitness to drained joints and muscles.
all body massage
app. 50 min.
58,00 €
individual partial massage (back, legs)
app. 25 min.
38,00 €

SPECIAL MASSAGE with essential oils
During the aroma massage the skin is rubbed in softly with essential oils leaving a twofold positive effect. The beneficial fragrances of the essences intensify multiple the effect of the massage and are like a balsam for the spirit and soul. We are pleased to help you with the choice of your fragrance! Ask for have information about the anti-cellulites partial massage, too.
all body massage
app. 50 min.
54,00 €
individual partial massage (back, legs)
app. 25 min.
35,00 €

VITALSTONE MASSAGE© of Vitalis Dr. Joseph
app. 50 min.
65,00 €
Enjoy a deep relaxation given by the use of warm basalt stones and precious essential oils transmitting a feeling of harmonic oneness after periods of physical and emotional stress, in times of a new start and the inner release or simply as a great present for oneself.

app. 20 min.
23,00 €
(treatment also available in the room) This massage activates the lymphatic flow and the circulation of the blood, combats efficiently the cellulites, smoothes the skin and balances Ying and Yang. This is specially recommended before going to sauna!

We work with the world’s most intelligent "laboratory": Nature.

Healthy baths in the Hotel Castel Oswald von Wolkenstein.
Immerging into the world of senses

The innovative healthy baths of Vitalis use the synergy of alpine active substance complexes for the healthiness, beauty and the wellbeing.

Bath with hay flowers© of Vitalis Dr. Joseph
app. 25 min.
37,00 €
Feel like newly born, relaxed and reinvigorated after a bath with well selected herbs from the South Tyrolean’s high alpine meadows. Their magic energy blows away the fatigue of a hike day in the mountains.

Pack bath:

Arnica & St. John’s wort© of Vitalis Dr. Joseph
Feel the vitalizing power of the sun plants. This healthy bath fills your drained joints and muscles with new fitness. The energy of the active substance complex of arnica & St. John’s wort alleviates stress and dissolves all tensions.

Alpine fango & mountain pine bath© of Vitalis Dr. Joseph
This bath is a “wellness-must” for lovers of the alpine tradition. The mountain pine radiates an extraordinary alpine fragrance and in combination with natural fine sediments it stimulates the detoxification by means of the skin. It has further a stimulating and strengthening effect creating the basis for a beautiful and healthy skin.

Marigold & chamomile bath© of Vitalis Dr. Joseph
Enjoy the pleasure of a special care for a stressed skin. The marigold & chamomile activate the regeneration of cells and have a calming effect on the stressed skin – for a refreshed complexion and a smooth skin. Your skin shines in new splendor again.

Apple & rosehip© of Vitalis Dr. Jospeh
Come to enjoy a sensual fruity wellness bath for your skin. Apples contain many vitamins, minerals and pectin and are ideal fruits for the regeneration and care of the mature skin. Combined with the precious rosehip, the apple stimulates further the cell regeneration of the skin reducing the loss of moisture content. Your skin gets elastic again.

pack bathing
app. 25 min.
37,00 €
pack with classic partial massage
app. 50 min.
68,00 €
pack with classic massage
app. 75 min
86,00 €

Cancellation charge
If an appointment can’t be carried out, please to withdraw in time or arrange an alternate date. As long as the appointment has been cancelled until the previous day, there are no costs emerging.
We please for your comprehension, that the cancellation on the day of appointment implicates the charge of 50% of the agreed treatment. In case of not be present or no annulations we calculate the full price.

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